Photo Services & Copyright

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Copyright on Fagmedia photography is owned by CADT Photography / James Rendell and all rights are reserved! We require that a credit is given when reproducing our photographs in a not for profit setting. For Profit Organisations reproducing our Images are required to obtain a permission and the payment of a fee may be applicable.

Fagmedia offers a Personal Photography Service.

As one ages it becomes clear that our photographs contain the memories of our lives and so it's important to capture as many as you can while you are young and pretty. Looking at photos is like looking back and this reminds us of our journeys and the people we were or who were with us! It also helps to write their names on the photograph!

Professional Photographs can help to the mitigate trauma for folks through crafted images that highlight our good sides that show the bullies, who sew negativity by whispering about people being ugly etc, that they are wrong! 

Ultimately, because we're Pretty and Shallow, you spend a lot of time and money in the gym and dieting to make yourself look great. You deserve to have a collection of photographs that are a record of your hotness, even if they are only for you to look at, in the privacy of your own "big brother" spied upon, technology!

"We like to be as happy with the photographs as you are"

Groups, Individuals or Families etc can commission us to create a set of images of posed Portrait Photographs to provide a lasting memory of milestone events. We can work on location or at a home. We specialise in using natural lighting to produce classic images and we can produce black and white photographs for that timeless look displayed on the walls of your home. 

We prefer to undertake a needs assessment with clients to establish the boundaries and expectations before the event and this may include lighting and venue checks to ensure we are fully prepared. Our artisan approach means taking the time to ensure the image brief is met. Collecting the images required means we need to know in advance if the final images are to be printed or sized for splashing around social media or both.

Our packages are tailored to meet the needs of our clients and our fees are flexible. We do not charge by the hour, so we do not rush in and run around and disappear in a cloud of dust. Our fees are based around the time taken to create the images plus the time required to do editing of camera proofs that includes variables such as preparations for printing, colour touchups and resizings for social media.

We provide fee paying clients with a complete set of edited camera proofs and curate a gallery of the best images for your convenience and viewing pleasure. 

CADT Photography for Community Events for Organisations.

We understand that photographs are an important way to document community history and our media coverage is an important way to make sure after an event the issue is seen and heard by decision makers and influencers in the public policy making sector.

We do charge a fee to photograph arts festivals and cultural events run by large funded groups or for profit organisations.

Please note, we do not do candid photography at rallies or public events as we know it is important to obtain appropriate consent and our editing process smudges out the faces of background people to protect privacy.

We like to undertake photography in a relaxed and low stress environment ergo in these days we prefer to cover events where alcohol or other substances are not on the menu. We can do weddings but for health reasons we are not currently providing this service. We would be prepared to provide our image making skills at a Wedding for people who like our particular photography style, support our mission and wish to utilise our photography service in conjunction to the main event photographer.

More information can be obtained by contacting us through the Contact Us Page above

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