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Fagmedia is an Independent Media Organisation from Perth Western Australia, established in 2001 to provide a voice for the grassroots people and policy ideals which the toxic gatekeeper leadership community regard with puerile distain. Fagmedia's mission includes promulgating universal joy & expiating stigmatic guilt through education, advocacy and fact based reportage.

Fagmedia is not obligated by funding agreements or advertising contracts to support the usual coverups, corruption and PR propaganda presented as truth by our dear leaders. We're concerned about the big picture items that face the world. We recognise that above all of the work we do hangs the epidemic of corruption that is creating poverty through inflation.

The unaccountable class of rich people's "rules for thee but not for me" approach to everything from food to health care while using state power to enforce tyranny is the real epidemic undermining constitutional Magna Carta based governance that is the real threat to our democracy and freedom.

In our Local Community settings, there is a true banality of evil that exists in the class management and empty virtue signalling, along with "Exclusive Catering" that the pampered, privileged employee class of people display while cutting the support services of the most vulnerable. Charity seems to be about ensuring donations come with tax deductible receipts while ignoring the people, struggling to make ends meet on low incomes, who live among us.

Fagmedia is concerned that informed consent needs to be placed front and centre into medical settings and we firmly believe that coercion & bullying have no place in community groups. We are concerned that the LGB HIV & Trans Community Groups & “Good News Only” Organisations are knowingly ignoring the harm being done from Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.

We do not believe that preventing harm from dangerous drugs can be managed simply by handing out free syringes. A more robust prevention strategy should be in place that requires Agencies to deliver diversionary programs for people who request help to reduce or stop using drugs. One doesn't need to be Einstein's Housemaid, to know that "drugs" are often found loitering at the scenes of Domestic Violence.

We believe AIDS Council Staff who breach client confidentiality should be sacked & the years of toxic leadership, bullying of clients and failing to meet Key Performance Indicators should end through a merger of the BBV & STI Sector into a centrally located State of the Art Perth Sexual Health Clinic and Community Hub for Advocacy and Support Groups.

It's time for the BBV & STI Industry to end the puerile virtue signalling that is being used to provide cover to protect perpetrators of violence who are a plague upon all people of good will. We also believe that persons who knowingly conspire to harm people in medical settings should be sent to jail and human & organ trafficking should deliver an automatic no appeal death penalty, to send a message to the wicked ones who hurt children and vulnerable people. 

In Our Lived experience in politics, it's clear that at the top there is no left or right and it's basically a group of rich connected people who are all in bed together in a UniParty of their own! The only people who are getting screwed are the grassroots people who do not have the weapons of mass distraction that come with the perks of high office.

We agree with Jimmy Dore and Peter Boykin from Gays for Trump USA that it is time for grassroots people of good will to organise on class lines in order to put an end to the war racket and end poor people's status as spare parts for rich people! #WeAreNotSpareParts.

About CADT Photography.

Fagmedia is owned by CADT Photography aka The Caer-Awen Discretionary Trust, Est in 1998, is a Family Owned and Operated Art Studio with an Interest in Health Policy, Culture and Community Development. 

James' Undergraduate Degree a Bachelor of Arts with a Double Major in Religious and English Studies from ECU. The academic practice in the Religious Studies Department was the phenomenology of religion including the the Abrahamic traditions and a focus on Research Methods, Psychology and Education. 

James completed a Post Graduate Diploma of Health Promotion at Curtin University in 1993 and has worked within the Health Policy, Research and Evaluation areas within the NGO and Charity Sectors. James was employed as a Health Promotion Officer with the Asthma Foundation of Victoria and a Research Assistant in the Centre for Teaching and Learning at the University of Sydney.

James began a journey into Photography when in 1998 he was given a professional level Nikon film camera in exchange for some pretty groovy house furnishings when leaving the Emerald City aka Sydney.

After a few years of events and landscape photography, in 2002, James completed the Graduate Diploma of Communications (Photomedia) at Edith Cowan University (ECU) in Mt Lawley and was accredited as a Journalist with the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance. 

At university the focus was on film processing and the then emerging digital photography industry. James' Portrait image making is informed by the work of August Sander (Germany), Dorothea Lange (USA), Diane Arbus (USA), and Alfred Stieglitz (USA) while his landscapes are inspired by the work of the great Ansell Adams.

Upon graduation James invested in a Nikon D70 and embarked on a journey in making images of people and landscapes that involved travel as a photojournalist around Australia and overseas to Asia, Europe, South & North America and New Zealand where he completed the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at the English Language Academy at the University of Auckland.

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