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Welcome to the New Fagmedia Website.


We are pleased to resume our mission of promulgating universal joy & expiating stigmatic guilt through education, advocacy and fact based reportage.


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As an Independent Media Organisation we are not obligated by funding agreements to support the usual coverups, corruption and misinformation presented as truth by our dear leaders.

Cycle of Invisibility

Fagmedia is concerned that informed consent needs to be placed front and centre into medical settings and we firmly believe that coercion & bullying have no place in community groups. 

Biomedical Fascism

We are concerned that the LGB HIV & Trans Community groups are knowingly ignoring the harm being done from Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. For our Heterosexual Guests, Perth's Gay World is a small town Peyton Place that functions like a panopticon. Therefore, #SilenceEqualsProtection for Perps.


We do not believe that preventing harm from dangerous drugs can be managed simply by handing out free syringes. A more robust prevention strategy should be in place that requires Agencies to deliver diversionary programs for people who request help to reduce or stop using drugs. One doesn't need to be Einstein's Housemaid, to know that "drugs" are often found loitering at the scenes of Domestic Violence. So if the feminists were serious about reding rape then sorting out the dog's breakfast relating to the drug swamp which is a "Legal SsmorGas-bored of Craziness Mixed with an OD of virtue signalling and Popeish Prudery. 

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We believe AIDS Council Staff who breach client confidentiality should be sacked so that the years of toxic leadership & bullying of clients can end and thus faith in the organisation can be restored by practical action. It's time for the BBV & STI Industry to end the puerile virtue signalling that is being used to provide cover to protect perpetrators of violence who are a plague upon all people of good will.

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We also believe that persons who knowingly conspire to harm people in medical settings should be sent to jail and human & organ trafficking should deliver an automatic no appeal death penalty, to send a message to the wicked ones who hurt children and vulnerable people. 

#EpsteinClientList : Save for Bigger!


We're concerned about the big picture items that face the world. We recognise the epidemic of corruption that is creating poverty & the rich people's rules for me but not for thee approach to using state power is the real epidemic undermining constitutional Magna Carta based governance.

A Reading

Don't be surprised if we take the piss out of stupidity. The world is full of stupid woke warriors who just have to be laughed at.

In Our experience in politics, it's clear that at the top there is no left or right and it's basically a group of rich connected people who are in a club of their own! We agree with Jimmy Dore and Peter Boykin from Gays for Trump USA that it is time for grassroots people of good will to organise on class lines in order to put an end to the war racket and end poor people's status as spare parts for rich people! #WeAreNotSpareParts.

Stigma is Bullying#EndBullyingEndStigma

Government is a Racket

As the President of Fagmedia, I have to say that our dear secretary, Pussy Love, is a right bitch when she wants to be and lazy with it. She does not make the bed or do the dishes so if you are expecting a reply to an email then don't hold your breath as her little paws are not good at email.


Finally as we walk through this new Clown World, let's remember the words of James, "Blessed is the man who does endure trial, for when he has been proved, he shall receive the crown of life which the Master has promised to those who love him". from the book of James, Chapter 1 vs 12!


James Rendell

President, Fagmedia

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