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Welcome to Fagmedia.org's new flagship website! It's currently going through a renovation so please have patience as we get the curtains hung! 

Our approach with this website is going to be Pretty & Shallow! Shallow and Pretty. For the sticklers and pedants, All our models were over the age of 18 at the time they were photographed!

We've got heaps of archive images that are going to be uploaded into our Gallery. They are a little bit rude in a classical Maplethorpe way rather than a sticky kind of mess.

Our images are for sale. You will be able to purchase large print size digital images from a curated menu and of course, we are always happy for people to buy us a coffee to help keep this show on the road.

Don't worry, We still have our health policy unit at Fagmedia.online where we will continue to publish work that is not shallow! Fagmedia is still the leading independent grassroots voice for Service Users & Health Policy Developers in Western Australia.

Fagmedia is proud to Sponsor the HIV Consumer Alliance of WA (HCAWA)

HIV and BBV Virus have a large impact upon People effected by the conditions. Long term survivors have a range of injuries from experimental substances along with side effects from current medications. Stigma, Discrimination and intra Community Bullying have huge impacts that results in complex trauma and the vast majority of grassroots people are unsupported by the outdated, toxic, PR driven NGOs. 

The HIV Consumer Alliance of WA is a Volunteer Peer to Peer Support Group that Welcomes People without discrimination, judgement or factional voting decision making processes. HCAWA recognises that HIV & BBV Virus Diagnosis is often associated with complex trauma from difficult life events. The Organisation is a friendly informal and private social group, not a pickup site, events are not held in public venues which serve alcohol and abusive behaviour or bullying is not tolerated.

Below: The images in the Gallery on this website include collections of historical archives, such as Pride London in 1990.