We want you to join OPI Perth

We want you to join OPI Perth

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The Sisters of the Order of Perpetual Indulgence have advised Fagmedia that they are currently inviting Members of the Gathered Faithful to Join the OPI-Perth as Sisters and Brothers. To this end as a sponsor of the OPI in WA, Fagmedia is pleased to support this missionary work.

"We want you to join OPI Perth" 

The Vatican Church has granted, indulgences to it’s members, freeing them from the ‘temporal punishment of sin’. The Order of Perpetual Indulgence claims by thought word and deed for GLBT people perpetual indulgence from self-punishment, guilt and despair.

It is the Order’s earnest wish that by banishing the closet, we can come to work more effectively to bring about change that is good, while keeping a sense of humour about ‘men in frocks’.

Like, but unlike, the Vatican Church, People can join OPI-Perth as Lay Members or as Ordained Sisters and Brothers. There are many members of the OPI who choose not to manifest in habit yet are still full Voting members of the Association. e.g. Guards and Convent Seamstresses etc.

In Western Australia the custom is for people to join as Novices. This requires manifesting in white veil, so the photographs look lovely and virginal! The International Standard is that Novices are required to complete a project before making the full profession to become a black veil or robed brother. 

In Western Australia because we take our Ministry of Photography seriously Novices are required to sign a lovely media agreement, see below, before the ordination commences. Please note, a very official photograph is expected to be taken immediately after the ordination before any drinking of holy water or smelling of incense!

The project is something of worth to the House or the Community. It can be a charity fundraiser, an academic work or a health promotion campaign and currently the Senior Sister of the House is required to sign off on the project along with the Novice Mistress before the Blessed Mother can conduct the ordinations.

Novices joining must realise that while they are a white veil they must assume a submissive position in the Order and endure black veil sisters telling them what to do and asking them to carry meaningless items or some silliness as a symbol of the novitiate.

Having patience, perfecting your media smile for the inevitable demands of being photographed on the way to passing the novice process does come with a big reward! The good thing about being a black veil Sister or Brother is that no one can tell you what to do! Which is something of a trial for the Blessed Mothers and Lord Abbots of the OPI all throughout Australia! 

You will need to come up with a fabulous name that reflects you and the space you take up in the world. Irony, Satire, grandiosity, old fashioned taking the piss and asking for inspiration from the Holy Bitch Mother Dingo, are some of the elements that go into finding Special Sister Name! 

To Join the Order of Perpetual Indulgence email our Novice Mistress at perth.opi @ gmail.com and or contact Mother Gretta at www.facebook.com/sistersperth 

The Media Annuncio and Senior Sister is not handling admissions so you may like the page AbbeyoftheBlackSwan on Facebook but don't expect to get replies to messages! Don't even think of expecting to find Mary-Jane on Facebook at 9.30 in the morning like a social media addict!

Above and Below: These are a couple of archive galleries of OPI Perth's historical activities and the kinds of publications produced by OPI Perth.

Below, is a copy of the OPI Ordination of Sisters Service Sheet utilised on the 16th October 2005. Each Ordination may vary to suit that personality of the Novice and Mother's whim!

The Gallery, Above, contains a selection of colour edited images of the Adelaide OPI Founding docs and below the same in pdf form.

Keep Smiling and Thank you for your Visit! Please Buy us a Coffee to Support our Community Work or Contact Us to Arrange to purchase a Print Sized Image or a signed limited edition print.


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