JB Copenhagen 2007

JB Copenhagen 2007

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These are #photographs of JB taken in Copenhagen, that's the Capital of Denmark, in 2007.

When you first met JB he was charming, sparkling and the life of the party but folks alleged that he was the type of person that when it came time to buying his round of drinks in the pub, he went to the toilet! 

The Gays of Europe, before the mass immigration, had a very comfortable existence in a world where their human rights such as marriage rights were a given. "I'm alright don't get in the way of my party" seemed to be the mantra when raising topics such as Marriage Rights in Australia or the Killings of Gay Men in Africa and the Middle East.

Instead of looking outwards and helping the rest of the world to progress in human rights in 2007 it appeared that the leadership communities were more focused on their own parties and parades to the point that Europe led the way in the development of some of the most extreme fetishes. 

This has it's own karma and in an age where most developed countries are reducing their rates of BBV & STIs, Europe has had huge increases in diseases and there are public health studies that conclude that the LGBTQ Health had features of disease rates that are usually only found in the most backwards of developing countries where there are not toilets and running water.

In 2024, it's clear that much of the West's focus on Shallow and Superficial materialism has resulted in increased erosions of human rights including free speech with Western Governments and Globalist Media Tycoons working together to take away the freedoms that America and Europe grew so comfortable with! 

Anyway, these are some pretty pictures for our dear readers to check out! 

The Gallery, Above, contains a selection of curated camera proofs for narrative context.

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