Infographs June 2024

Infographs June 2024

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These are Fagmedia's Desktop Infographs & Memes for June 2024 with links to our exciting new male photography pages and a copy of our latest tweet.

New Updated "Not Safe For Facebook" Galleries of Male Photography!

Morgan from the UK photographed in Melbourne 2008.

Carlos photographed in San Francisco USA in 2008.

Our Fagmedia Melbourne Beach Blue Speedo Shoot photographed in 2008.


The Gallery, Above, contains a selection of colour edited images and below are the curated camera proofs for narrative context and your viewing pleasure.

Abuse from Health Care Workers is not Part of the Job! Respect is a Two Way Street! #WorldAIDSDay2024

It seems obvious that the Staff of the WA #AIDS Council & #NAPWHA's Social Club seem to be deliberately sabotaging the organisation and giving cause for complaints from clients and members of the Community.

The function all of these seems to be first to mock clients who have concerns about inappropriate service delivery and to "tell" those they are victimising that they can act without consequence.

Secondly, this is a deliberate sabotage when WAAC Staff or Former WAAC staff have their little breach of confidentiality whispers in the community that is done in such a way that they know the person being bullied is going to find out about the breach of privacy!

It's mockery of the #WAHealth care system and a sabotage of the WA AIDS Council, which lest we forget, was set up by the community to help positive people yet the result is the AIDS Organisations seem to have been taken over by a service to self culture that done not give a truck about clients or positive people in WA.

It's long last the time that there was a Merger of the BBV & STI Sector to streamline and modernise service delivery. The current Toxic non accountable system provides cover for bullies and saboteurs who prevent agencies from meeting their Key Performance Indicators.

As Mother Gretta Says It's hard to find any genuine grassroots person with anything good to say about #WAAC. The only defenders of the current system are those paid by it or the left wing yes people who would sell their grandma for a line of Coke! 

Organisations Act like People! It's time for the Government to act and build a high profile regulated Perth Sexual Health Clinic and Community Hub to support genuine Advocacy groups not the current social groups that currently suck up the $.

It's also obvious, there's no where to make a real complaint about abuse from Health Care Workers because the NGO and Voluntary Complaint mechanisms all are in bed together. 

The Catholic Church must be laughing their tits off given the policy of move em on which worked so well at hiding child abuse seems to have become the norm in the NGO health care sector! 

Oh and we all know that under the current system if you complain you don't get services and this only serves to empower bullies and the do nothing layabouts!


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