Bears Perth Newsletter April 2007

Bears Perth Newsletter April 2007

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These are #photographs and #images of the Bears Perth Newsletter for April 2007 which was made by James Rendell when he was Editor in Chief and Chief Photographer for Bears Perth Inc.

These include a range of types of pictures and the cropped ones are included so the galleries will have some variations in size. But hey, they are free pics so you will get used to the scroller thing bouncing up and down!

Each month James produced 2 newsletter versions after the images were taken and then edited to fit so it was a huge task each month. James says if he could go back in time through a quantum portal he would never have done any LGBTQ Photography given it was all work, no play and most of the time no thanks! Landscapes don't bitch!

The colour version was made available for download on the Bears website and there was also a black and white version which was the version that was photo copied and sent out to members via snail mail!  

Above: These are the Pages in .jpg format.

Above and Below, these are Fagmedia's images by James Rendell for the April 2007 Newsletter.

Above, these are the then President Paul Hayter's photographs that were published in the April 2007 Newsletter.

Above and Below: These are the Newsletter pdf files. 

Below: "Even Pricks Should use a Condom" is a Fagmedia Health Promotion Campaign from 2005. We made our own because the WA AIDS Council never seem to have any health promotion materials.

After WAAC's 1990's height of success by the 2000's the standards had fallen so far their materials reached the point of being dismal or in the case of LGBTQ Domestic Violence, non existent! But, WAAC's staff have always been very good at self promotion and their strong point is writing menus for cocktail parties!

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