Pollys NSW 2003

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These #Photographs, taken with a Nikon Coolpix, are from Pollys in NSW in 2003. This was before facebook, before smart phones and at the dawn of the digital age a Nikon Coolpix was considered rather fabulous, for a year or so before the D70 was launched!

Nowadays, the thought of working with the combination of Red Lighting, dim light, no tripod and a 3 megapixel camera with no large flash unit is a mind boggling "yeah, nah, no thanks" but in 2003 when working with digital dinosaurs, that's what one had to do, apparently. 

It really is a marvel that any photographs turned out from this night and some of them do have a rather interesting charm about them. Anyway these lucky images are now freed from the confines of the archives! 

These galleries include photographs that would never normally see the light of day in an exhibition yet there is something interesting about the results of the movement. If you look carefully you can see glimpses of faces and that's why we're publishing them for history's sake! 

The "other" images include the "pre party" that we had to get into the mood for the main event at Pollys! 

The Gallery, Above, contains a selection of previously unpublished camera proofs.

From the Pollys website:

The mission of the Pollys Club is to provide an inclusive and safe community dance space that supports self-expression and connectedness thus helping to address social isolation in the LGBTIQA+ community. The funds we raise are donated to charities focused on men’s health, women’s health, youth health, mental health and animal welfare.

Run completely by volunteers since 1964, the Pollys club holds 5 dances a year - usually four at Marrickville Town Hall and  one at the NSW University Roundhouse. The format of these has not changed much over the years... doors open at 7pm for a dance set which is a meander through the decades. This is followed by the 30-45 minute drag show at 9:30pm. The second dance set is more mixed but still retro, still dancy and still fabulous.

Keep Smiling and Thank you for your Visit! Please Buy us a Coffee to Support our Community Work or Contact Us to Arrange to purchase a Print Sized Image.



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