A Week in a Toxic Relationship

A Week in a Toxic Relationship

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A Week in a Toxic Relationship: Is there is something in this for everyone?

Remember that Organisations adopt these human characteristics when they collectively conspire together to act in concert with each other.

They love bomb you and make you feel at the top of the world. They promise to stand by you, protect you, support you, and provide for you. They give you a mind-blowing love experience and you are swept off your feet. They tell you they have found their soulmate in you and you two are making it together forever. You fall for it. Won't it be wonderful to feel such love forever?

They begin to criticize and devalue you and start condemning those things that attract them to you.  They would criticize everything you do and make you feel worthless and inadequate. Your self-esteem and self-worth begin to dwindle as they chip on it a little at a time.

They gaslight you. They instill doubt in your mind by denying reality. They would tell you that something never happened when you know exactly that it did happen. They would say you are too sensitive, crazy, or out of your mind. As intended, your self-esteem continues to decline and you turn to them for confirmation. Their game is doing wonders!

They give you the silent treatment, withhold love and affection from you, and make you feel not wanted. When you fail to do their bidding or succeed where they failed, they would punish you. Belongingness is a high human need and everyone desires to be loved, validated, and treated as human. Their depriving you of it tells you that, to them, you are less than human.

They show you a bit of that love they promised you at the beginning. They can take you out, buy you some gifts, and make you feel better and wanted. This is to hook you back to them and you start blaming yourself for their inattention and mistreatment of you. You then double your efforts to please them. Their game is yielding good fruits.

They continue to criticize even those things they bought when you use them. They tell you you are useless and worthless. They tell you your passion and desires aren't worth pursuing or that you can't succeed in them. They tell you that you can only amount to nothing and as before, you blame yourself for not being a good child, sibling, parent, partner, or colleague. They have you where they want.

They tell people how bad and crazy you are. They also tell you XYZ also believes you are crazy or bad or ungrateful, whatever suits them and that would hurt you. They would even brainwash you into thinking you aren't lovable. They do everything to bring other people into the narrative which you would fall for, and believe them and trust them. And you know what? They would drop you like hot coal when the time is appropriate especially when you need them most. By this time, they would have successfully reduced your support system. You are left alone and with the only choice of going back to them for further abuse. 

Then the process continues the following week. In the end, you give your all in that relationship but receive only breadcrumbs in return. You are left depleted and drained and sick mentally, physically, and spiritually and you lose your smile and happiness. 

You can't excel in such a toxic environment. You are the only one to help yourself. No one else will. Waiting for someone to rescue you would be waiting for eternity while you wallow in pain and suffering with depleting health. Seek professional help from a trained counselor or therapist ASAP.

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