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Fagmedia is an Independent Media Organisation from Perth Western Australia, established in 2001 to provide a voice for the grassroots people and policy ideals which the toxic gatekeeper leadership community regard with puerile distain.

This is the true banality of evil class management and empty virtue signally along with "Exclusive Catering" that the pampered, privileged rich people display towards the most vulnerable.

Fagmedia also owns Leaving Sugar Mountain which contains an archive of our videos.  https://LeavingSugarMountain.com

Fagmedia Make Videos which we share with the public on Bitchute, Rumble & Odysee. Please follow the Links on the videos to Like ,Share and Subscribe.

Kindness Unedited is our new Youtube venture which we hope will bring something positive to the world and our community building approach. https://www.youtube.com/@KindnessUnedited88

We hope you enjoy our fabulous work. 

James Rendell,

President of Fagmedia 



Sr MarY-Jane Singleton

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Welcome to Fagmedia

Welcome to Fagmedia

@KindnessUnedited88 on YouTube

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